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Detection Training/K9 Search and Rescue 

Would you like to get get involved with scent work, detection work or K9 Search and Rescue?

Search and rescue training is typically on team and free of charge. (Although a huge time investment) You can visit

New York State Federation of Search and Rescue to locate a team near you. In the Binghamton area you can contact 

Amigo Search and Rescue Dogs

If you are a current SAR K9 handler in training and would like some more guidance we do offer private training lessons for Human Remains Detection and Air scent dogs

Single private Lessons are 125 per lesson or 920 for 8 lessons.

(Active members of search and rescue teams receive a 10% discount)

We only offer detection training, air scent training, article and HRD training if you are looking for tracking/trailing,

I highly recommend Vom Kugelblitz kennels and all breed training

Kara has been involved with K9 search and rescue since 2009.


She serves as the assisitant director of Amigo Search and Rescue Dogsa non-profit volunteer search and rescue team that provides free assistance to emergency services and professional resources (including K9s) for the searches of lost and missing persons.


Their dogs are mostly dual purpose air scent and human remains detection dogs which means they work off leash and locate people by finding human scent in the air. 

Kara is also an operational K9 handler as well as a state tester for air scent dogs certified through the New York Federation of Search and Rescue

SAR K9s-

Otto- Airscent/HRD -retired


Gandhi-Airscent-In Training

Krillin- crime scene HRD- Operational

If you would like to volunteer your time and get involved- please contact Kara.

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