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Kara M Schaeffer, Dog Trainer


"My drive to be a dog trainer comes from wanting to give people the same incredible experience I have had while training dogs. The other main reason I love what I do is because dogs don’t have a voice. I know I have the power to give them that voice, and teach their  owners how to communicate with their dog. That moment when you realize you can truly understand your dog is simply amazing. The best part is when you realize not only do you understand your dog, but your dog also understands you, and what you want.

I have been a dog lover since a child. I became interested in training dogs when I got a puppy that behaved terribly. In a attempt to help my puppy I immersed myself in dog training books. I was in absolute awe when I realized what could be accomplished in such a short period when you communicate correctly with your dog. I then reached out to local trainers to learn more. I helped local Binghamton trainer Carolyn Georgariou film her lessons and spent time learning more about dogs. In 2009 I decided to go to school for dog training. I attended Anthony Jerone’s School of Dog Training and Career INC in Queens NY.  Since graduation I have spent most of my time volunteering with Amigo Search and Rescue Dogs a non-profit K9 Search and Rescue Team. I now have 1 operational K9 as well as another in training. I have spent countless hours helping others train their SAR dogs as well."


  • Graduated from Anthony Jerone’s School of Dog Training and Career, Inc in 2009.

  • Director of Amigo Search and Rescue Dogs INC Non-Profit K9 Search and Rescue team

  • Certified K9 Search and Rescue Handler through the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue in both live find and human remains detection

  • K9 Air Scent (live find search dog ) Evaluator for the New York State Federation of Search and Rescue

  • Dog trainer for the Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney NY

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator 

  • K9 First aid certified

*Continues education yearly by attending seminars on various topics including but not limited to dog behavior, obedience, canine reactivity, aggression, bite sports, odor detection and K9 search and rescue training, The dog world is constantly evolving, it's important trainers stay up to date on the latest techniques.

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