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Does your dog ignore you?

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We understand, and we can help.


Would you rather have a dog that listens to you?

Would you rather have a dog that you can be proud of?

Dog Training For All Breeds, Sizes and Issues.

 Whatever your goals are,

we can help.

Services Offered

Puppy Training

Learn how to prevent and stop behavior issues while obtaining the obedience and focus you have always wanted for your dog.

Adult Dog Training

We start training in your home where you and your dog are the least distracted. We will help you get your dog to their full potential! Have a trainer guide you through obedience and behavior issues not only in your home but in different public environments as well.

Board and Train

Does your dog need training but you just don’t have the time? Are you going on vacation but need a structured environment for your dog to stay? Board and Train programs are the option for you! 

Group Training

Group dog and puppy training classes can be very beneficial if your dog has some focus around distractions. They are typically for dogs who have no severe behavioral issues. These are the perfect place to proof your obedience around other people and dogs.

Search & Rescue Training

Interested in Search and Rescue training for both you and your dog? Contact us today to learn more!

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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