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Binghamton, NY Varying Locations

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Adventure Group Class is for dog owners who want to test their obedience in new environments. Every week is a new location. Dogs should have a basic understanding of commands and have no serious behavior issues! Location changes weekly depending on students needs and weather. Locations include indoor and outdoor dog friendly locations.

-must have valid rabies if over 6 months of age
-Cost- 250
-100$ nonrefundable deposit to secure your spot (limited spots available)
-Call/Text 607-267-2184 to reserve your spot!

800 Valley Plaza Johnson City, NY



Group Dog Training Class for all ages
-Obedience & Trick Class
-Opportunity to earn AKC CGC and Trick titles
-Must have Valid rabies if over 6 months
-No serious Behavior Issues
-Cost - 200
-Every Wednesday 6-7pm for 5 weeks
-Call/Text 607-267-2184 to sign

800 Valley Plaza Johnson City, NY Dog

Training Electric Training Collar Seminar 

Wednesday Nov 15 5-7pm

Topics covered-
-Risks and Benefits E collar training
- How to decide if E collar training is right for you
-E collar model recommendations and why you should be very careful when selecting a E collar.
-Intro of how to properly start E collar Training
-Where to find sources to learn more

Cost- $40
Non refundable 20$ deposit to reserve your spot (limited spots available)

Call/Text 607-267-2184 to sign up 

Electric training collars-
Have you ever used, considered, or completely rejected the use of electric training collars? Then this seminar is for you!

This seminar is for owners only, no dogs. (Although there will be a demo dog)

Electric training collars or often referred to as shock collars have been around for years. Originally used by hunters to help control high drive working dogs who are bred to focus on following animal odor. Now these tools are wildly available for anyone to use.


Recently, there has been a push to ban these tools through law in NYS. Some countries in Europe have done this- and I’ll talk about how that’s impacted dog owners. I believe proper education on this topic is hard to find but should be available! These tools ( often very poorly made ones) are sold online and in stores and are commonly misused, often due to lack of understanding vs intentional abuse.

Many trainers can push these as a way to fix multiple issues, but is it really a cure all tool? Most people don’t understand how you can introduce a e collar to clear up communication, and simply use it as a punishment tool. Those who may benefit from their use often use them in a way that limits the possible benefits, and confuse dogs. Many people are even discouraged and judged by people for using them because they have seen abuse with these tools and don’t understand the various ways they can be used.

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