Jan 202016
loki German Shepherd Dog Training



K9 Addict Dog Training was an incredible experience. We bought a very intelligent and incredibly stubborn 8 week old German shepherd puppy. At about four months we were at our wits end when someone mentioned Kara Schaeffer and her training programs. We got into contact with her and a week later we started our training. All I can say is without Kara and her training programs we may have forever had a rebellious, untrained dog. She is simply amazing, not only with the dogs but also with their humans. Never did she get frustrated with us when we weren’t understanding the task at hand (let me tell you the dog caught on a lot quicker than we did). I recommend Kara Schaeffer to anyone and everyone who needs a little extra help with their companion, you won’t regret it! -Kristen

Loki the German Shepherd puppy from Vestal NY came to us with typical obnoxious young shepherd puppy behavior. Unwanted behavior included biting, chasing cars, barking, and general lack of focus. Kristen proved to be a very dedicated owner and really took the time to put the practice in her dog needed. Her dedication was easy to notice with Loki’s huge improvements! Great job guys!          -Kara Schaeffer

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