Jun 282016

She came over and gave me an amazing deal on having my dogs trained! Being disabled and having no idea how to train a service dog, she helped me get my super-sized puppy the basics in obedience and and even a few tricks! She’s personable, friendly, understanding, caring and more than willing to work with YOU as a person, individually, to get you the care and help that you and your dogs need! Not only that, but she gives you a sliding scale to work with if you’re on a fixed income.

My hyper war-horse of a puppy has been improving every day, and now I can even keep her off-leash when I go places and actually begin to think about making her a real, true-to-life service dog! Kara is a wonderful person, and more importantly, a highly-skilled and informative trainer, and I am most CERTAINLY going to hire her again for more advanced techniques!

10/10, would dog again!

-Christian Scarborough

mastuff mix binghamton ny

Thanks Christian, always here to help! Even if you don’t have money please consider giving me a call. We may be able to work something out! Above all im here to help the community. Wish you the best, Christian!

-Kara Schaeffer

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