Sep 282017

I’ve taken several classes with Kara and they were all amazing. Dory is the first dog that I have owned and when I brought her home as a puppy, I really had no idea how to train her. Kara came to my house and she trained me as much as she trained my puppy. She was always positive and upbeat, even when I was messing up the commands. Even after taking classes, I could always count on her to answer my questions. She helped me get my dog ready to pass the AKC CGC test. I can’t say enough about her. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to train their puppy or dog. She definitely goes above and beyond.

-Debbie Miller , Vestal NY

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Thank you Debbie. Dory is such a lovely dog, I will always enjoy having her around whether its in classes or for a play date. You guys make a great team. I wish you nothing but success with further training!

-Kara Schaeffer

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