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for more information on group classes call/text (607)-267-2184 or email

Is your dog distracted by other people and dogs?

Is your dog shy and nervous around new people or dogs?

Do you have a good dog you want to help become great?

Just need practice doing obedience around others?

Group training lessons may be for you!

Group classes are open to all dogs and puppies who do not have extreme behavior issues. Group classes help you and your dog get used to working around others, both human and canine. Learn how to control your dog in a distracting environment.  Well structured group classes are  the best  environment to learn how to get your dog’s focus and attention. Additionally, this can help your dogs feel more confident and relaxed while preforming obedience exercises around others.




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GROUP CLASSES-$200 / 6 weeks

Adults & Puppies who are done with puppy shots


NEW FALL 2017 group classes 

Country Care Vet (dog park) 1473 NY-7, Afton NY 10/6-11/10 Every Friday at 4-5:30

*running first ever combined group obedience and scent work class call/text for more info*




Dog  training group classes are open to all dogs who do not have extreme behavior issues.

This class is centered around building focus, attention, confidence. This class also covers basic obedience, techniques for leash manners such as no jumping while greeting people and no pulling towards other dogs.  During these lessons distractions slowly increase. We do tailor training specific do the dog’s needs as well as the  owner’s.

Learn the best techniques for : reading body language, getting your dog to focus, socialization, obedience training, playing and more!

Classes include but are not limited to:

Socialization– ( New objects, People and Dogs)

Behaviors learned– (Focus exercises such as “luring” “eyes”, “touch”, “spin/turn” and obedience commands such as sit, down, stay, heel, place, loose leash walking and come)

Confidence building– Getting your Dog on and interacting with new strange objects!

Best ways to play– How to teach tug and fetch. Also, other ways to play!



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This class is a introduction to scent work. This class is for people who are interested in teaching their dog to hunt for human scent on articles. This class will guide you through the process of teaching your dog how to hunt, how to read and understand their body language,  how to hunt for  a specific scent, and teaching a trained indication on the target odor. This class is excellent for anyone who is interested in detection work, nose work, search & rescue, or for someone who is just looking for something fun to do with their  dog. All dogs benefit from scent work. Dogs will be worked one at a time.

Puppies (with completed puppy shots) & Adult dogs welcome

Intro to scent work: $250

Classes currently running, check back soon

Call/Text now to sign up: (607)-267-2184


Country Care Vet (dog park) 1473 NY-7, Afton NY 10/6-11/10 Every Friday at 4-5:30

*running first ever combined group obedience and scent work class call/text for more info*


(outside class-no bathroom)





Brandy: Available for adoption at the Delaware Valley Humane Society in Sidney NY

This class is designed for real world training. Location changes every week. (Binghamton/Johnson City/Vestal NY area) We will visit dog friendly stores, parks and other locations. Use this time to proof your obedience in new environments , around new distractions with the guidance of a professional dog trainer.  This class is for dogs who do not have behavioral issues and already have a general understanding of commands. This class runs on the availability of the students and runs every 6 weeks. Class size is limited to 4 dogs per class.  Please contact us today to get on the waiting list for the next class!

Adult Adventure Class: $250


(puppies who have good obedience and focus may attend if they have completed puppy shots)

Call/Text not to sign up: (607)-267-2184








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