Dec 262017
"never discriminates against breeds"

  In December we decided to bring a rambunctious puppy into our lives. We started with Kara’s group puppy class, after seeing how much Blue enjoyed it and how amazing Kara is with the dogs we decided to do weekly private sessions. (We also will be joining her next adult group class.) Kara truly enjoys […]

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Jun 282016
"absolutely wonderful!"

absolutely wonderful! my little furbaby kept marking in the house and everything revolves around him. Kara taught not only my dog to trust me but to trust my dog more, which in return makes everyday hikes and car rides that much more enjoyable with my best friend by my side. Jax no longer marks in […]

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Jan 202016
Kara is so patient and kind...

Lucy “Kara is so patient and kind to both the dog and owner. She will work with you on a whatever you feel your dog needs, as long as it takes to get BOTH dog and owner ready. She loves what she does and the dogs know that and they love her, so it makes […]

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Jan 202016
She also learned basic obedience commands

Harper The German Shepherd Dog Mr and Mrs O’Donnell came to me for training in Harpursville NY. Harper the German shepherd puppy attended our 6 week puppy obedience¬† program and successfully earned her AKC Puppy S.T.A.R cert! She worked on attention building exercises such as “eyes” and “touch”. Her owners learned how to play and […]

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