Live-in Programs


Live With A Dog Trainer Program


Would you like to have a well behaved dog? Do wish your dog would listen? Do you know your dog needs training but you just don’t have the time?

We can help! Send your dog to live with a dog trainer! Your dog lives with us in our home and learns how to be a well mannered dog.

All Live-in Programs Include:

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Crate,  Loose Leash walking and Heel.
  • work on specific issues your dog may be having (jumping, barking at people or other dogs..ect)
  • Structure and exercise
  • Socialization
  • 1 lesson with dog and owner at pick up
  • Lifetime trainer support
  • Training “report card” updates

Live-in Program Options:

7 Day- Good Dog program-Includes 1 In (your)-home-follow up lesson  $875

15 Day-Great Dog Program -Includes 1 In (your)-home follow up lesson  $1725

30 Day-Best Dog Program  -Includes 1 In (your)-home follow up lesson $3150