Live in & Day training options


Live With A Dog Trainer Program


Would you like to have a well behaved dog? Do wish your dog would listen? Do you know your dog needs training but you just don’t have the time?

We can help! Send your dog to live with a dog trainer! Your dog lives with us in our home and learns how to be a well mannered dog.

All Live-in Programs Include:

  • Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Crate,  Loose Leash walking and Heel.
  • work on specific issues your dog may be having (jumping, barking at people or other dogs..ect)
  • Structure and exercise
  • Socialization
  • 1 lesson with dog and owner at pick up
  • Lifetime trainer support
  • Training “report card” updates
  • low cost commands for your dog’s life: only $30 per lesson (must come to the trainer)- Learn new tricks, or refresh on old ones!

Live-in Program Options:

7 Day- Good Dog program-Includes 1 In (your)-home-follow up lesson  $875

15 Day-Great Dog Program -Includes 1 In (your)-home follow up lesson  $1725

30 Day-Best Dog Program  -Includes 1 In (your)-home follow up lesson $3150

Adventure With A Dog Trainer Day Training

german shepherd cane corso dog training binghamton ny

Do you have a dog who needs a little extra help with basic commands?  Do you work too much and don’t enough time for your dog?  Can’t physically exercise and train your dog like they need? No worries! We will pick your dog up and take them out for a training, exercising, and socializing adventure!

Your dog can be either picked up or dropped off.  We keep your dog for approximately 5-8 hours with two hours of solid training. The rest of the time may be spent in a crate, house, exercising, playing with dogs..ect..

All Training Adventures Include:

  • Commands- Loose Leash Walking, Sit, Wait
  • Exercise- Including but not limited to walks, jogs, hiking, swimming, playing, running with bike/skateboard..ect
  • Socialization- dogs and people
  • Exploration of new places- Parks/Dog Friendly Stores/ Woods/Downtown
  • Full “Adventure Report” via Email- So you know how your dog did.

Adventure Day Training Options:

Single Adventure– 1 time outing $150/adventure

Weekly Explorer– 1 training adventure per week $125/adventure

must be at least 3 consecutive weeks

Adventure Life– 2 training adventures per week  $100/adventure

Must be at least 3 consecutive weeks

  • 54 cent mileage charge over 10 miles from Harpursville NY (Drop off to avoid fee)